Scandium - The Path to Innovative Solutions and Sustainable Technologies

    • Scandium (Sc) is a lightweight, soft metal with a high melting point and good electrical and heat conductivity
    • Scandium when used in combination with aluminium can produce stronger, more corrosion resistant, heat tolerant, weldable and 3D printable aluminium products.
    • Scandium’s physical properties provides specific benefits in highly specialised industries such as:
      • Aerospace and Defence – Aluminium/Scandium allows provide strength and weight benefits for aircraft and aeronautical components
      • Transportation – Lightweight allows suitable for high-performance technologies in automotive, rail and marine applications
      • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs): Scandium improves efficiency, durability, and operating temperature of SOFCs such as Hydrogen fuel cells
    • Scandium is on the Critical Minerals List for Australia, Canada, the European Union and the United States
    • Currently, most of the global scandium market is supplied by Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine with Western economies seeking stable supply from allied nations such as Australia
    • Geologically, the region around Parkes in NSW is one of very few areas globally where Scandium mineralisation occurs in commercial accumulations.